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Have you ever stopped to notice,
As you walk down the ‘sidewalk’ of life;
That things change…as you get older,
These years were supposed to be our highlight!

But, are they…truly what we thought,
For, so many things have changed;
The world that we grew up in,
Well, it’s just not stayed the same.

Now, getting back to ‘sidewalks’,
For I really think that I must;
I find that people hurry past us,
Why are they in such a big rush?

Sometimes I feel that I’m invisible,
Yes, just one of those INVISIBLE PEOPLE;
The younger people don’t seem to see us,
And, we’re ‘run down’…sometimes we are!

Many a time…when I have stood my ground,
Not moving an inch…as they passed by;
To get off the ‘sidewalk’ and let them go,
I’ll not do it…Oh, no!…don’t even let them try!

I’ll stop…Oh, yes…so that they can fully view me,
So busy chattering away…are they;
They never stop to take a breath…chatter on,
But, I’ll stand my ground…if only in dismay.

INVISIBLE PEOPLE…when did it all begin?
There was a time that we were noticed;
Back when we were handsome, tall and thin,
If we weren’t around…then, we were missed.

Perhaps it’s that we now are gray,
And, our coloring just blends right in;
We sort of…kind of…look like that ‘sidewalk’,
We think this…with a grin!

Or perhaps it’s that we have ‘shrunk’,
And, we’re no longer quite as tall;
Maybe they think we’ll shrivel-up…just go away,
Right! Someday…we won’t be here at all!

Well, they’re right…on that one,
But, in the meantime…just let me say;
I’ll not budge…not give an inch,
So, you can move…and get out of my way!!!

I didn’t come here…live here all these years,
To have some young upstart;
Walk past me…through me…Oh, no,
You see…INVISIBLE PEOPLE…are also very smart!


November 18, 2005

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love

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