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Once upon a time,
I found a little kitty;
Abandoned…yes, she was,
Barely clinging to life and she was not very pretty.

She was shivering and shaking,
On that rainy Spring day;
She was nearly starved,
How could someone leave her that way?

Sometimes people can be cruel,
Thinking animals have no feelings;
Kitty needed a home…quick,
And, I was more than willing!

I called her…and she came,
Though quite timidly at first;
She had many bad experiences…I could tell,
And, she expected the very worst.

Kitty very quickly learned,
That I meant her no harm;
She had been very fearful,
But, my love had made her calm.

I wrapped a blanket ‘round her,
And, held her gently to me;
Animals can sense when they are loved,
With me…that’s what she would be!

Home…is where I brought her,
A place of safety…snug and warm;
Now, a saucer of warm milk,
And, she had no need for alarm.

After a very long ‘cat-nap’,
‘Twas time for a bath;
She tried to go willingly,
But, her past had only known wrath.

Still, she learned very quickly,
That I meant her only good;
So, she began to settle down,
And, in that bubble bath…she stood!

Now, it was time to dry her off,
And, what a sight to behold;
Clumps of hair fell out…all over,
The story of her hard life…it told.

Well, at least she was clean now,
Because, she trusted me a bit;
She could tell her life was changing,
And, she felt very fortunate.

What do you suppose she did…now,
That took me totally by surprise;
She smiled…yes, she smiled,
I could hardly believe my eyes!

Now, I have heard of the rare time,
When a dog would give a smile;
But, never before…in all my life,
Had I heard of a kitty that smiled!

What a beautiful sight to behold,
This kitty…grinning from ear to ear;
Love changes everything,
And, love drives away all fear!


March 22, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love