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BORN: January 29, 1966 - Saturday - early a.m.
Leominster Hospital
Leominster, Massachusetts USA
5 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. - 19 1/2 inches long
Labor was to be induced on Saturday, but she
started on her own, very early in the morning. Breech birth.

Had morning sickness for the entire 9 months; pills helped somewhat, but not entirely. I was anemic, so I knew she was a girl (which was a welcome change, after 3 boys in a row), and picked out Lisa for Elizabeth, in the Bible (later I learned that it was my Mom's actual middle name - she had been told her middle name was Josephine and it wasn't); and Jean for the female part of John, St. John and also Joe's brother John.

Peter was the only baby with dark hair in our family and I had been praying for another baby like him (so he wouldn't feel so out of place). We were thrilled when Lisa had dark hair. Maybe that's why Peter felt so close to her...the same genes.

Lisa had lots and lots of almost black hair. She looked like a little Eskimo baby. Her features were so small; such small eyes, nose, ears. I was afraid to feed her, at first - afraid the bottle would block off air from her nose. The nurse offered to feed her for me...but I finally decided she was MINE; she was beautiful and I wanted to feed her.

When she was born, she had a strawberry mark on the back of her neck, close to the hairline. The doctor said it was the kind that was gone by age 2 - and it was. About the time she turned 3, she had a red (bleeding) mole removed from her face; it would bleed every time anything touched it. It left a mark that looks like chicken pox, but it isn't.

She swallowed a plastic grape when about 2 1/2 years old. She was having a hard time to breath, so we had to take her to the hospital. She had an x-ray to see where the grape was - by this time, it had passed down into her lung. It was never removed and I don't think it went through her. Years later, when we came to Canada and she was x-rayed at the border, they never said anything about a grape, so it must have gone through, eventually.

She had asthma a few times, not too bad. She was healed of it in 1970, when all the other children were healed.

Lisa always seemed to like the outdoors, to be free. She loved animals and was very gentle with them.

One time she ran into a branch of a bush and got a cut on her eyeball. There wasn't anything that could be done for it, other than to keep it covered for a few days with a salve especially for eyes on it. Many years later, she told us how it really happened - I don't remember what it was, right now.

In 1981 she began having seizures; they always occurred when she was away from home. We learned about it from her friends. She had tests and they showed it was borderline. Our assembly prayed for her and the next time she had tests they showed nothing and the doctor didn't want to see her anymore. She was concerned about the attacks because if it was epilepsy she would not be able to get her drivers license. She seemed very relieved when she was able to get her license - and she's a very good driver.

Lisa had a very difficult "teen years"; she ran away from home a few times, we didn't know where she was for many days in a row. It all seemed to get better after we stopped making her go to church with us. Teen years are especially hard in a big city - so much peer pressure. I'm sure there are many things we haven't even been aware of - she's faced a lot of things alone. Soon she will be 19, legal age, to go on her own - this is something she has wanted for a long time - she has always had the need to be free.

Lisa had all childhood disease...and/or the shots for them; including the mumps shot.

Obstetrician: Dr. William B. Havey
Pediatrician: Dr. John M. Cummings

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