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More Growth

We began going to Bible studies for married couples, put on by Highland Baptist Church. People began to relate their experiences in how they came to know the Lord. We found that many of the "pillars" of the church, weren't really "Born Again"; they were either born into the church or felt they had always been Christians. This really surprised us, as we knew what it took to become a real Christian.

Joe had gone to a men's meeting with Tom Condon, at the Baptist Church. There was a man who sat up at the back and he would say "Amen", a lot of times, in response to something the Pastor said. This was unusual, to say the least, in a Baptist Church. After a few of these meetings - when the men were leaving the church to go home, Joe and Tom came across this "different" man.

His name was Bill Gibbs; he invited them to his house, just around the corner from the church. They sat and listened to this man night after night, after the regular church meeting. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer and asked them if they knew what he was saying, and if they had any questions. Having been Catholics, I guess they just weren't use to asking any questions...just accepted what was said. Something must have "witnessed" inside of them, or they wouldn't have kept going back to see him - and he was hoping to hear an "Amen" occasionally.

Bill Gibbs told them that he got together with a few of his relatives, in the attic room next door (an apartment house they owned). Joe and Tom were interested and went to one of the meetings. There was praying and then praising like they had never heard; Bill played his guitar and his sister-in-law, Mona Gendreau shook her tambourine. Bill's wife Martha went to some of the meetings. Both she and Mona were nurses. Bill worked setting type in the local newspaper office - had lost a few fingers in the printing machine. They had a daughter Vicky, and sons David and Danny. (Sometimes they came also.)

Every week, when Joe and Tom were off to those meetings, I ould sit at home and cry because I missed having Joe at home - I was the babysitter. I had been reading about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and Joe had said how some of the people at the meetings "spoke in tongues", and some sang in "tongues". I was sitting at the kitchen table, crying...asking the Lord what it was all about. I began to speak in an unknown tongue (at least not one I knew). I thought how it was very unusual - I didn't know what it really meant.

The following week, Joe and Tom were off to meetings again, I was crying at the kitchen table, again...and I began to speak in another language, again. Then, I thought MAYBE this was "speaking in tongues", but I wasn't sure. It wasn't until many weeks later and I attended a meeting, that I was sure. The Lord had baptized me in the Holy Ghost (Speaking in Tongues), the Lord Jesus Christ is the only One who can baptize anyone with "Tongues" - He is the Baptizer. Joe began speaking in "tongues", when he was down South, during one of his business trips.

We had gone to a Clinton White meeting at some big auditorium; he had a healing ministry. He had written a book that helped us along in our Christian growth ("From The Belly of The Whale"), and we wanted our son David to be prayed for (he had asthma so very bad). The Word was ministered and it was excellent - then it was time to line up for prayer. Joe got in line with David. He prayed for David and then he knew that Joe also had a need. Joe had bleeding ulcers, been hospitalized once for it, had a blood transfusion - and was told if it happened again, they would have to remove most of his stomach. Clinton White put his hand on Joe's stomach, right where the ulcer was; he prayed and Joe never had any trouble with it again.

Through the years, we had prayed for our children when they were sick; six of the eight had asthma and the doctor was always coming over to give them shots of adrenalin and put them on Acromycin. (David had Acromycin so much that the doctor told us his permanent teeth would be stained, and also his bones; from the drug.)

The first year that we were Saved, all six of the children were healed of the asthma. I told the doctor just what had happened (he was a Catholic and believed in the power of prayer, but was still skeptical); he said, "Well, we'll see." He did...because he never had to come and give them another shot of adrenalin.

One time I had a talk with our doctor about being "Born Again", and how it was why we left the Catholic Church. I told him how, he as a doctor, could cut (surgically), but it was still God Who did the healing. It seemed like he knew that, but didn't really want to acknowledge it, not completely.

I was sitting out in the backyard one Spring day, the children were all playing outside. Peter began to cry, he had just been stung by a bee - this could be a he had just started de-sensitization shots for a bee allergy, the proceeding Summer and had not completed the series. Immediately I saw an angel down near the vegetable garden gate; the angel assured me that Peter would be alright. A real peace came over me and I felt to trust the Lord. I made little of what had happened, soothed Peter - and he ran off to play. I was beginning to learn an important lesson: when God speaks, trust Him. (I also learned something else in later years, about presuming upon God - trying to do something when God had not spoken - then its a disaster.)

At one of the meetings, Joe had about 5 different questions in his mind, he had never voiced them to anyone. Bill's wife Martha began to prophesy, and answered each question he had. (All this time I was babysitting.) It got so that Joe was now going to the Baptist Church and also these other meetings.

We were still going to the home Bible studies at the Condon's. Some of the people at the studies were not to happy about Joe and Tom going to those other meetings. They said that they too had been interested in the meetings, a few years earlier but felt they belonged in the Baptist Church. A week or so later we received an article in the mail about - "beware of wolves in sheep clothing" and "by their fruit ye shall know them". It made us think twice; I got confused and scared, Joe just got more interested in those meetings.

I went with Joe to one of the meetings; they were on the third floor of an old apartment building - this winding staircase, and then bending over to go in the door that was in the peak of the roof, it looked pretty scary. The singing was really good - the first song I learned was, "I'll Fly Away".

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