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Did you ever hear of crows moving?
I’d thought they remained in one place;
Not so…especially lately,
When they get caught-up with the human race!

Happily settled…in their home,
Or so…Mr. & Mrs. “Petey” had thought;
Soon they would learn…their modest home,
Had been suddenly…bought!

Oh, not just that nest of their’s,
But, the one…in the very next tree;
The hillside…and the lake also,
Just as far as the eye could see!

At first…they couldn’t believe it,
“Just say that it isn’t so!”
But, signs went up…all over,
All animal tenants would have to go!

But, where do you put displaced creatures,
Those that walk, crawl, fly and swim?
They can’t stop the wheels of ‘progress’,
They must give in to mankind’s every whim!

Shall they make their retreat in the daytime,
Or move away…when it grows dark?
Those who walk or crawl aren’t too bothered,
But, what of those who fly or must swim?

Given little…or no notice,
Hurried…their plans must be;
If they don’t move away…quickly,
Locked-up in a zoo…they might be!

Do you think they could ‘organize’,
Put up a squawk…or picket?
Would that do them any good at all,
Such a protest could get nasty or wicked!

No, they couldn’t stand in the way of ‘progress’,
Their ‘numbers’ were far too few;
They’d have to bow to the masses,
There was nothing else they could do!

So, plans for the exodus were forming,
Those who walked or crawled would go first;
My goodness…so many possessions,
The large families…why, they were the worst!

To all of those who flew…it was easy,
For so very little…they could carry,
One or two flights and they were exhausted,
So, they took their time and didn’t hurry!

Mr. And Mrs. “Petey” would have it easy,
For ‘Junior’ had long ago left the nest;
No crib…play pen…and toys to move,
They would have it easier than the rest!

For those who swam…no answer,
Their little lake was being filled-in;
With all this ‘progress’…it seemed,
The wild-life simply could not win!

Just in the nick of time…a transport,
Yes, a large carrier appeared;
The fish…and the frogs…oh, so many,
They were all scooped-up…with nothing to fear!

Then, they were lifted high into the air,
In compartments…filled with fresh water;
Over the mountains…they were lifted,
They'd share a lake with the beavers and otters.

Now, back to our old friends,
Mr. and Mrs. “Petey”;
They had their possessions all packed-up,
MOVING DAY…came and went…in a jiffy!

Oh, they flew around for awhile,
And, they camped…high in a tree;
This repeated…a few times,
Until their new home…they did see.

Why, it was far from all construction,
And, it was far from city malls;
But, not so far that they couldn’t stop by,
For some exotic food…once and awhile!

Crows…why they like their privacy,
Just as long as it’s not too far away;
They inter-act with people…from a distance,
They just seem to like it better that way!

So, if you have a MOVING DAY…in the future,
Don’t let it get you upset;
MOVING DAY can be great fun,
An ‘adventure’…at it’s very best!


September 26, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love