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There were two, big strong young men,
And, they lived next door to each other;
Houses and clothes…pretty much the same,
In fact…they looked enough alike to be brothers.

MR. COWARD’s name was Carl,
And, MR. BRAVE’s name was Bill;
They were so very much alike,
Just the thought…would give you a chill!

But, once you get to know them,
You discover how unalike...they are;
I’ll tell you a little about them,
So then…you can compare.

Carl Coward…a handsome young man,
He was a good student in school;
He was also into football,
And, did well…as a rule!

Our friend…Bill Brave,
Excellent in all that he did;
Everybody liked him,
He was considered a great kid!

Now…Carl Coward did well,
As long as things went his way;
But, when put to the test,
He’d turn and run…without delay.

Bill Brave…on the other hand,
Was always very flexible;
He did well under pressure,
He was always unstoppable.

Now, how would you like to be,
Someone who runs away?
Or…would you want to be,
Someone you can depend upon to stay?

You see…in any given situation,
We just don’t know how we shall react;
Will we run or stand firm?
That’s the difference…and it’s a fact!

Both of them were afraid;
And, there’s only one difference between them,
It’s in the choice that they made.

We see a bad situation,
And, we might shake in our boots;
MR. COWARD will run away,
But, MR. BRAVE stands firm…he has roots!

Now, don’t be too hard on them,
Both probably did their best;
For we never know just how we’ll act,
Not until we are put to the test!


June 26, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love