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`Twas a dark and stormy night,
Mom and I were all alone;
Outside…the wind howled,
Inside…there was a loud moan.

Mom was in pain,
And, I didn’t know just why;
She couldn’t be comforted,
Although…I really did try.

All of this was happening,
When I was not quite three;
But, I remember…like yesterday,
And, this…I guarantee!

For some reason,
My Dad ran up the road;
He thought the doctor got lost in the storm,
So, up the hill…he quickly strode.

The storm kept up its fury,
Indeed, the doctor had lost his way;
My Mom needed him,
And, she needed him…right away!

Just about this time…a loud cry,
And, my baby sister appeared;
I know…because,
Into my Mom’s bedroom…I peered!

“Mom, the baby’s crying!”
As if she didn’t already know;
“I know…I know,
“Now, in the other room…go.”

Dad came running in the front door,
With the doctor close behind;
My baby sister was the surprise,
That both of them did find!

And, a big baby…she was,
Nearly double what I had weighed;
Of course, I was born 10 weeks early,
But, that was a different day!

That’s the end of my story,
About…how it came to be;
And, I was there… to see!


June 26, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love