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There once was a girl named Nellie,
She was selfish as could be;
Each day was spent…entirely,
On me…me…and more of me!

And, when did this behavior start?
For everything has a beginning;
Why…I would say from the very first day,
When her parents’ attention…she was getting.

She found that simply a cry from her,
And, they would be off and running;
This got to be a lot of fun,
For, in this game…she was winning!

And, as a toddler…my…Oh my,
She had only to throw a fit;
Hold her breath ‘til she turned blue,
And, did she care? Not a bit!

Selfish was she…to the core,
Around her…the world must revolve;
For she would have it no other way,
In her mind…this was resolved.

Everything belonged to her,
For…NASTY NELLIE was she;
She hadn’t a clue…that others had needs,
She was as selfish, as selfish could be!

She kept everything to herself,
She’d never learned how to share;
Everything belonged to her,
About others…she didn’t care.

And, when she went off to school,
She’d pinch…she’d grab and she’d punch;
She’d fight her way to the top,
How others felt…she hadn’t a hunch.

Relationships were shattered,
Actually…they had never begun;
It wasn’t too very long,
Before NASTY NELLIE…they’d shun.

The children would shout…as they played;
They soon grew tired of her,
And, far away from her…they stayed!

As Nellie grew older…she began to think,
Just ‘why’ had her life gone this way?
The world really didn’t revolve around her,
And, she decided to change…that day.

But, change doesn’t happen over-night,
And, change can be painful…too;
Nellie had a lot to learn,
But, her determination would see her through.

Other children can be hurtful,
When they too…have been hurt;
NASTY NELLIE had hurt them,
And, she had been an expert!

But, ‘time heals all wounds’,
Or…at least…it has been said;
Children can also be forgiving,
And, make peace…instead.

Little acts of kindness,
‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’;
Nellie practiced it…every day,
And, discovered those words to be true.

The children began to respond,
They opened their circle…inviting her in;
More and more…they trusted her,
Their trust…over time…she did win.

“We must give Nellie another name”,
One day… ‘twas decreed;
“For she is caring…loving…giving,
And, from NASTY…she is freed.”

They thought and they thought,
‘Twas a hard task…you see;
A new name for NASTY NELLIE,
“Let’s just call her, “MY FRIEND, NELLIE!”

Pure and simple…this name for her,
But, it spoke volumes…you see;
She was their ‘Friend’,
And, forever…she was determined to be!


October 12, 2003

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love


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