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New Townhouse & New Church

We rented a brand new townhouse...Greenside. It was really nice, with a view of Mt. Baker - it was right on the small golf course, that was part of Greenside Townhouses. One day we were having a BBQ outside, on our patio - someone was playing golf and the ball came right up to us. Our son-in-law Steve, took the ball and tossed it into our dining room. When they came looking for their ball - he showed them where it had landed! There were howls of laughter - they asked if they should play it from inside our dining room!

Mike and his girlfriend Julie, came to visit us. Mike had a brand-new, red Fire Bird car. They had been traveling a lot and she wasn’t feeling very well. We invited them to stay with us (sleeping, separately of course); they said, “No thank you.” But, Mike phoned us shortly after they left…saying Julie was too sick, and asked to stay with us. They left the next morning; she was feeling much better.

I got really sick and nearly died; my blood pressure had skyrocketed; I had to stay in bed. The Pastor, and a visiting pastor from Edmonton, came to lay hands on me, and to pray for me.

The following day, the Lord spoke for me to get up out of bed - He directed me over to the window...there in the sky were two "sun dogs", I had never seen them before (they are common way up North, but we were in the "Sunny South"). He also gave me a Scripture: "For unto you who fear the Lord, shall the Son of righteousness arise with healing in His wings, and ye shall go forth as calves of the stall...": it was pretty special to me.

I began working in the office, for the church. I answered the phone, typed labels for the tapes they sold (of their travelling minister’s messages), wrote in the Accounts Receivable ledger. We had foot washings and communion at church, nearly every month - it was a good time for both of us. We were there for 1 1/2 years - until we found that the travelling minister was lifted up too high...some thought him to be one of the Old Testament prophets, come again.

One of the Pastor's daughters, was barren and the church had been praying for her for many years - she conceived and had a son that they called Samuel. She was one of the many teenagers, from the local high school, who were turned to the Lord, through his ministry; most of them still go to that same independent church. They always did things together (all of the church), as a family; we fit right in...were included in everything.

We became friendly with one of the young men, Kirk McNeil. He had been one of the teens, who was saved through that ministry - he also had electronics in common with Joe. He lived just down the hill from us and we saw him often. Kirk was different - very intelligent. He still visited us, after we left that church. He was interested in one of the young women at the church - and the relationship was frowned upon; we never knew just why. Eventually, Kirk left that church; more like...he was excommunicated. The young woman was encouraged to marry a different young man (one who had just lost his wife to cancer - they had two young children).

Maybe the "powers that be" knew something that we didn't know - anyhow, that was just one of many times that couples were paired up. From teachings of the travelling ministry, they didn't usually date longer than 3 months - because the flesh is weak and they didn't want to take any chances. They went by everything that ministry said, literally - and never went beyond what he had said.

We had been baptized (again), in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Later we heard that some, in the assembly in the head church (in the States), were baptizing in the name of the travelling ministry...that was too much to us. We asked to talk with the Pastor, and told him that we had to leave. He shook hands with us and there were no hard feelings.

Through the years, Joe has had occasion to call him and there has always been a good relationship. Recently, Joe told Pastor how very much his ministry has meant in his life...turning him back to the Lord, etc. He is old and very frail now - I don't know if he still goes to overseas to minister...he used to, every year.

We had a six month lease at Greenside Townhouses - and I was getting very nervous, because our boys (Peter, Dave, and Andrew), were horsing around a lot and the new townhouse wasn't in keeping with our "life style". We looked for something that was more conducive. A lady called the independent church, looking for someone to rent their house...we felt it was an answer to prayer and said we would rent it. There was someone else at the church, looking for a place to rent - they had first choice; we felt we were to have it and believed God for the house...the other family changed their mind.

Still, we had to complete the six month lease at Greenside Townhouses - but, we really believed we had heard from the Lord. The Manager said they would charge us for the last month of the lease, unless it was rented the one day the rental office would be opened...between Christmas and New Year' got rented! It is really tremendous, when you believe you've heard from God and He confirms that He was speaking!

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