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New Friends New Teachings

A new couple moved here from Edmonton; the lady's parents came with them, and also a single lady. They added some "life" to the group. There were some very good words being ministered at the Friday evening meetings in a friend's home: Joe recorded the meetings. Some of the "other" elders never attended these meetings...they felt they knew everything he was teaching. There was some real life coming forth. The Sunday meetings were not all we hoped for. The ministery was sometimes edifying, and then added a lot of law to it.

One time, when I was talking with this lady, I mentioned how I really got a lot out of a word that was ministered by one of the travelling ministry...many years ago; it was out of Ephesians and Galatians. Joe and I, and another brother were saying "Amen" to all that was ministered. With this comment, she introduced us to a ministry they had heard at a conference in Edmonton...his name is Jim Richards. This ministry is from Huntsville, Alabama; and is not part of Endtime.

These tapes were on the GRACE OF GOD. Grace: "Divine influence upon the heart and it's reflection in the life." These tapes witnessed with our spirit immediately. They confirmed what the Holy Spirit had been trying to get across to us, the second time we were in Endtime...when we first heard God's grace ministered. We began passing these tapes around to others who were interested...our new friends continued to pass tapes around, also.

Some of the people went to another conference that was held in Edmonton. They stayed with the local assembly for a few more months, trying to talk the elders into ministering this new message of GRACE. Sixteen people left the local assembly...they couldn't go along with the mixture that was being preached; four of them were our close friends.

Our relationship with our children continued to improve. Joe and I were learning just how much God loves us...unconditionally...and we passed it on to our children. Our relationship improved in leaps and bounds! I am so very thankful that our children believed us, still loved us, and wanted to have a relationship with us. They carry a lot of scars, and it will take time for them to "work through" all that has happened.

For Joe and me it is easier, because we have received this "grace message" and we can forgive others, because we know how much God has forgiven us; our children will have to come to this place...because only with the help of the Lord is it possible.

I hope that someday, our children will realize that we did our very best; always wanted what was best for them. But, we made mistakes: alot of mistakes. It's not like we had purposely gone out and tried to hurt them, in any way. We tried to protect them from so much; and they ended up being hurt most, by those who should have never been considered trustworthy. It's not just the established churches and organizations that have betrayed peoples' can happen anywhere. I guess that our defense is down, when we feel we are among trustworthy people.

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