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“Come along with me”, said my Grampa,
One night…just after dark;
“I want to show you something great,
Something we can do together…and it’s quite the lark!”

“But, first we’ll need to bring a flashlight,
And, of course, this big pail…over here;
Come on…now, grab your raincoat,
It’s lots of fun…do not fear!”

My Grampa had taught me many things,
Things he’s learned as a boy…I’m sure;
Now, this was yet another thing I’d treasure,
It would be ‘fun’…not just another chore.

As we stepped outside…into the darkness,
An owl hooted…overhead;
At first, I thought just maybe…,
That I would much rather be in bed!

“Come on now…times a wasting”,
That’s what he often said;
When he wanted me to hurry up…get cracking,
He was always ‘fun’…never anything to dread.

“Be careful, now…watch out for the leaves,
They’re very slippery…because of the rain”;
Well, with my boots on…there was no danger,
To slip and slide…no problem there.

Now, Grampa bent way down to the ground,
What was he looking for?
His flashlight would reveal…his secret,
What that secret was…I’d find out…for sure!

Oh…my! There was something,
It was brown and wiggled back and forth;
It looked a whole lot like a snake,
And, suddenly it was gone!

“Where did it go, Grampa?”
“Was it a snake…for sure?”
“I don’t like snakes…you know, Grampa,”
At this…with laughter…he just roared and roared!

“Why, it’s called a nightcrawler,
And, we are on a NIGHTCRAWLER HUNT;
They are much the same as a garden worm,
But, my! How the fish do love them.”

“If you grab for one…very quickly,
It will not slip away;
Then, put it into this pail…with a lid,
And, in the pail…it will have to stay.”

Oh, this was becoming a whole lot of fun,
I think that I caught more than my Grampa;
The pail was halfway full…now,
And then, dirt was put on top.

“That’s about all we shall need, said Grampa,
We’ll go fishing with them…tomorrow for sure”;
My! The big fish we shall catch,
Gramma will fry them for supper…we won’t need anymore.


November 12, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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