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Owner Leaves I Teach

One day, the original owner seemed to disappear; his wife didn't know where he was - his van was gone. Later, on the "Message Time", on the radio, there was a message for her, from him. He had left the farm, she was to meet him, along with their children. He had always thought the farm would just have about 35 people living on, it had grown to 160 and it was too much for him. So, the owner was the first one to leave.

I worked as a part time helper for our kindergarten class, for a few weeks. This was very rewarding, as the children were like little sponges, they would just soak up everything - it kept me on my toes...they would copy anything I said or did. One of the children had a hard time doing he was told; he was always going just beyond what he was allowed...finally, I had to take a stand with him. We had been taught, for years, that all the children were our children and should it be warranted, we were to paddle them; I had never, absolutely, had to do that before.

This little man didn't think I would take him outside, but "high noon" was here and outside we went. Of course, I had to wait until I could do it in the right, I was ready, now. I spoke to him for awhile, about the virtues of obedience, etc. and then I paddled him, ever-so-lightly, about 4 times; I couldn't handle more than that. He didn't cry, I hadn't hit him hard enough for that.

I straightened up, unruffled my feathers, tried to maintain some sort of dignity, and marched back into the Tabernacle with him. As usual, all eyes were on us. He was the model student for the rest of the day...I kept my composure until I got home that afternoon, then I fell apart. I was is so humbling to have to humble a young student. I was so glad that I never had to do anything like that before, or since. About this time, I figured I was spread thin enough with my extra goat teaching days were over.

It was during this time that I (as a teacher), went to one of the teacher meetings; we all sat around a table and discussed school things. At the beginning of each school day, everyone had a short praise and worship service - sometimes one of the students had a vision during the meeting; it was common practice that only elders were to interpret visions.

Now, the question was brought up at the teachers' meeting; one felt that all teachers must be "anointed" teachers, in which case, all should be able to interpret the visions. We went around the table: the first one felt it would be alright, then it was my turn - I didn't feel it was right and said so. The one who had brought the question up, was infuriated...that was the end of the discussion! I said that we should ask what the others felt...that one didn't...that was the end of it! So, that's as far as it went. When I was done teaching, I am sure some breathed a sigh of relief.

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