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Yes, it’s okay to be sad,
Just don’t stay that way;
Many things can get us down,
But, that’s not the place to stay.

Sometimes our friends let us down,
By things they do…or say;
Sometimes…we just misunderstand,
Or…they’re having a bad day.

Our parents…they mean well,
But, at times they just don’t know;
The things that we encounter,
As…down life’s path…we go.

Even our own siblings,
Can seem to disagree;
Squabbles…or times of silence,
And then…the best of friends…are we.

Our teachers…another story,
As they try to show us the way;
The ‘authority’ that surrounds them,
From their ‘rules’…we’d like to run away.

Yes, it's okay to be sad,
Just don’t stay that way;
Life is too short…too precious,
The ‘game of life’…get out there and play!


November 5, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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