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A very long time ago,
My Dad repaired many a car;
Oh, he was good at it,
All sizes and shapes filled our yard.

Do your years go back,
Go back…far enough;
So that you remember too,
Back in those days…so much good ‘stuff’?

Well, those days have returned,
Oh…Yes, for sure…indeed;
A different make…a different model,
But, with many of the same needs.

When I look into the mirror,
What is it that I see?
Why…It’s that OLD MODEL “T”,
Yes, that old model…is me!

I have every right to make that claim,
For…“T”aylor was my last name;
And now…I am an OLD MODEL “T”,
Perhaps, with not quite so much fame!

And, like my Dad…I follow,
Right behind…in his footsteps;
I’m the car that needs repairing,
Yet, from this job…I’d like to sidestep!

Oh, a flat tire isn’t too much,
And, in time it’s quickly fixed;
Many a flat tire I’ve had,
Some from neglect…others were genetics.

Small things…like a paint job,
That’s really no big deal;
And, now…I look so much better,
Adding zest to my life…adding zeal!

It’s the major…costly repairs,
Those…well, they hurt the most;
You know…transmissions and fuel pumps,
Maybe of an engine replacement…I can boast!

For…there’s a parallel here,
Me…and that OLD MODEL “T”;
Both of us got old…and tired,
Yes, that old car and me!

But, there is hope…never fear,
As…off to the repair shop…we go;
Almost as good as new…we return,
No longer needing that ‘tow’!

Have you been to an antique car show,
The kind where they’re all gussied-up?
Well, people can look just as good,
Just apply lots and lots of make-up!


November 13, 2004

Aimee Love

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Pen Name: Aimee Love

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