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Open House

Janet Rotondi had a lot of the travelling ministry stay at her house, she had just Al and the two children at home, and the meetings were right there, also. One time Frank and Aileen Walker came with their two vans - Janet took him and his wife and the girls in the group.

The boys came to stay at our house. I can't imagine where they all slept. Their son David, was just married and he came with his wife Cathy, they slept in the van. They were extremely considerate. I remember they all got in the shower at the same time, to save our hot water. They did everything I could find for them to do around the house and yard, and with the children. It was a joy having them with us for a few days. And, when they were getting ready to leave I told them that I felt we had "entertained angels unaware". It was very sad to see them go.

Rotondiís had a neighbor, across the street, who liked to know everything that was going on...she couldn't understand all the cars parked on the street and the happy people who went in and out of the Rotondiís house. We could see her at night, all her light were off in her house, and there she was - peeking through her sheer curtains in the front window!

There were a lot of travelling ministries who came by and the Word was rich. We heard Donna Roxbury, who didn't live too far from all of us. Joe McChord came by, Catherine Chapman, Sam Fife, Bill McLean, so many that I can't remember. During this time Al Rotondi became a Christian (I think he was baptized along with the others at Paul's camp.)

We went to visit a new farm that was forming in Keene, New Hampshire. It had been an alcoholic drying-out estate; but had closed and was bought by Bill Marshall and others. We saw the buildings in the early days of the farm. There was a chicken shed far from the house; it was said that they had cast some spirits of alcohol out of the house, into the chicken shed when they first moved there - nobody wanted to go into the chicken shed...

A few months later, we went there to hear Joe McChord; I think he had just married Ellen or was soon to be married. We got to see and hear a few other ministries there, also; one was a young man who had gone down to live on one of the farms in South America - he really knew the Lord, his countenance was just "aglow" with the glory of God. He had a tremendous Word. I think his name was Roger DeHaan.

Tom Rowe was one of the travelling ministries and he was slated to minister at our local assembly. Joe was to pick him up at the Boston Airport - I figured there might be some delay because Joe could never get in and out again, from Boston without getting lost. Time was short, the meeting was close to starting; I remembered how particular Tom was and made a very special meal for him, right after Tom was going to drive to Rotondiís to minister. Well, they didn't come and they didn't come...turns out they went straight to minister. I was left at home with all the children and a big meal that was now cold. But, that's the way it happened more times than not - you had to be "flexible".

Peter was having a hard time learning how to read in school. They wanted to run some tests on him in a hospital in Boston. Also, they talked of the possibility of putting him on some drugs to alter his thinking mechanism. We didn't feel good about this whole situation and said something about it when a man named Jim Meffin had come through the local assembly, ministering. He asked if we had "sought Words" about it.

We didn't know what he meant - so he explained that after we prayed about something and felt the Lord was speaking a certain thing, that we should ask the elders to be in touch with some of the prophet ministries, asking them to pray and see if the Lord would give them a vision (never saying what it was for, specifically; nor who it was for). Then we could be sure if the Lord spoke something through the prophets - confirmed what we were already hearing from Him. We said we felt the Lord didn't want us to do what the counselors had said to us. Jim came from Arizona and had a school for children with learning disabilities, they didn't use drugs - only natural things. So, he knew something of what he spoke.

Either Jim or one of our local elders, I don't remember who - called some of the prophets around the country and later heard what they received in vision from the Lord. It showed very clearly that we were hearing from the Lord, not to go the way the counselors wanted to go...they were not too happy with us.

Another counselor, one from Junior High School, called me at home. He was upset that Rose wasn't going into the college course, as she had the potential. He heard that we knew Rick Rotondi and that he also was not going into college course. I explained to him that both of them would not be going to college, that they felt to do something else with their lives. He couldn't begin to understand and said, "Such a waste - such a waste". And, he hung up. These were choices they had made, we as parents didn't decide for them. They wanted to be led by the Lord in all areas of their lives and didn't feel to go to college.

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