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Take a walk with me,
Yes, I’ll lead you by the hand;
To a time when life was easier,
And, very little was planned.

Growing up on a farm,
A lot of hard work for sure;
But, each day was totally different,
Never knowing what was in store.

Rising early…at the break of dawn,
Grandpa would milk the cows;
Not with a machine…you know,
Old-fashioned…and by hand.

Grandma was there with her, “Good morning”,
Making breakfast fit for a king,
And, if I had been very good,
She’s let me give the big brass bell…a ring.

Everybody would scurry in from their chores,
The breakfast table…their destination;
Such a happy time…such good cheer,
Almost like a celebration.

Today, Grandpa had a surprise,
After breakfast…he said that he'd share;
My sister and I could hardly wait,
What did he have…out there?

Straight to the barn…he brought us,
Up the ladder…to the hayloft;
“The surprise is under the hay…
Look and see what we have got!”

“What could the surprise be?”
Many thoughts ran through our minds;
Perhaps a present wrapped-up,
And, topped-off with a big bow.

But, it wasn’t our birthday,
And, Christmas was barely o’er;
So, what was the surprise,
What did Grandpa…have in store?

And then, we heard a faint sound,
It was hardly distinguishable;
The pile of hay before us…parted,
And, out stepped “Missy” the barn cat.

Well, my goodness gracious,
She was no surprise;
We had seen her many times before,
And then, something else caught our eyes.

She was showing-off her family,
One boy…and the girls…they were three;
Their eyes weren’t even open…yet,
But, they were cute as they could be!

What a nice surprise…”Missy”,
“Thank you, Grandpa…dear”;
My sister and I played with the kittens,
We were gentle…and “Missy” had nothing to fear.

Yes, farm life was hard at times,
Each one helped to carry the load;
But, it always had its benefits,
Farm life…this natural mode!


August 21, 2003

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love