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OUR “HOME”…just what is it,
To us…what does it mean;
Was it something superficial,
Or…all that it should have been?

Were we born in a marble palace,
Had everything that we wished;
Nothing was too good for us,
In all areas…we were totally nourished?

Or…were we raised in meager surroundings,
Yet, we never knew that we were poor;
Our parents were good examples,
And, we couldn’t ask for more?

Perhaps this wasn’t your experience,
“Home” wasn’t safe…secure;
All the fights…the arguing,
The many things that you endured.

We’re not all well cared for,
And, not everyone has…plenty;
To some it’s a daily struggle,
And, it’s hard not to grow up…angry.

But, grow up…we must,
Although…it’s not always easy;
One day…we flap our wings,
And, away…to form our own destiny.

So…what kind of a “Home”,
Shall we build for ourselves;
We’ve many choices to make,
A “Home” doesn’t build itself.

We could try to build OUR “HOME”,
Like others that we’ve seen;
Like those in the movies,
Or those we’ve seen on the TV screen.

But, are they realistic,
Do they ‘work’…in everyday life;
Will the empty smile do the trick,
Will it…put an end to all our strife?

It may work in ‘make believe’,
But, in real life…not;
Real life is spontaneous,
Not fashioned after some ‘plot’.

This is our opportunity,
To do it right…this time;
A firm foundation…for OUR “HOME”,
Love, respect, and trust…are prime.

Love will be the mortar,
That cements…holding it all together;
The building blocks of respect and trust,
Will hold firm…in all kinds of weather.

In this kind of a “Home”,
Encouraging, building-up…growing strong;
We can be all that we can be,
This is OUR “HOME”…where we really belong!


November 5, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love