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When I was a teenager,
And, my sister…three years younger;
We thought we’d like some pets,
Each of us picked-out kittens.

Oh, mine was so cute,
Mostly black…with a little white;
Named after PEPE` La Phew`…the cartoon character,
French…he looked…yes, that’s right!

Sister’s cat was mostly white,
But, he had two different colored eyes;
One eye was bright yellow,
The other blue…he was quite the guy!

Two…totally different kinds of cats,
Yet, they became the best of friends;
Just as sister and I…the cats too,
Opposites attract…that’s what we reasoned.

PEPE` was frisky…full of pep,
Nothing held him down;
He was as active as a cat can get,
When he was older…he prowled all over town!

Sister’s cat…on the other hand,
Kind of stayed close to home;
It just wasn’t in his nature,
Not in his nature…to roam.

But, when they were together,
Such a sight to see;
They’d jump and wrestle…tumble,
A good show…they would always guarantee!

After years passed…the cats were grown,
Sister and I were…too;
Sister brought her “Fluffy” with her,
Off to college…higher learning she pursued.

PEPE`…well, he was lonely now,
I had a fiancé...PEPE` didn’t know what to do;
So, he roamed the neighborhood…more and more,
Sometimes he stayed at home…and just mewed!

When I married and moved away,
PEPE` felt totally abandoned;
So, one day he packed his bags,
And then, again…he was never heard from!

Times change and so do people,
Nothing just stands still;
So many memories…kept in our hearts,
One I really treasure is…PEPE` AND HIS FRIEND.


June 23, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love