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“WOW!…did you see her?”
“I could hardly believe my eyes”;
Such rare…untamed beauty,
Petey couldn’t suppress his surprise!

In all of his many years,
Years of flying to and fro;
A beauty quite like this one,
He never did know.

“What’s your name?”…he asked,
“Mine is Petey…you see”;
“I’d like to introduce myself”,
“To get to know you…would please me.”

Oh, she was such a shy one,
But, as pretty as could be;
Petey must not rush her,
So, he just waited…patiently.

“My name…well, it is Laura,
Don’t you remember me from school?”
But, Petey just couldn’t place her,
Still…he didn’t want to appear cruel.

“Oh, were you in my classroom,
Did I know you from there?”
“Yes, I sat right behind you,
And, we dated once…on a dare!”

“That skinny little crow,
The one with the crossed-eyes?
Naw, that couldn’t have been you,
Was all this beauty hid…inside?”

“Oh, yes…yes, I’m that one,
And, each day I sighed…as you passed;
My eyes were only on you,
And, such an imagination…I did amass!”

“So…would you…could you,
Go out on a date with me?”
Petey wasn’t usually this shy,
But, he had fallen for her…you see!

“Yes, I’d like that very much,”
Said Laura…that beautiful crow;
Petey’s heart did flip-flops,
As his happiness continued to grow!
“Where would you like to go,
I mean…what do you like?”
“Well, the ocean is my favorite place,
Even a picnic there…I’d not dislike.”

Petey said, “That settles it,
Off to the beach…we shall go;
No need for a picnic lunch…plenty to eat,
We’ll see what the ocean cough-up…for us crows!”

“Our first date!”… Petey mused,
So, off they flew…together;
He had never done this before,


November 11, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love



"My Snaps!" - Aimee's picture of "Petey" and Laura - picnic on the beach.