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Spring was well upon us,
Winter took its rest;
Flowers and leaves aplenty,
Nature at its best!

Summer happened…quickly,
Seems it came overnight;
But, what a happy time for children,
For me…it was a delight!

One day my Grampa called me,
As he sat on our front porch;
“Sit here with me,” Grampa said,
“it’s hot in the sun and you’ll get scorched!”

There was a thick vine growing,
Clear across the front;
And, the shade that it offered,
Was cool…much as a waterfront.

Grampa had been whittling,
As he did so many times;
He asked what he could make for me,
As…up the vine…I tried to climb.

“Oh, make a pipe…just for me,
And make it just like your own;
I want to be able to puff on it…like you,”
So fond of Grampa…I had grown.

Well, what do you suppose he did,
In his desire to please me?
He cut away on that vine,
And, a pod and stem…he set free.

Now, he began to whittle,
And, my pipe started to take shape;
Grampa cut away…the top of the pod,
And then…the bark…he did scrape.

In no time at all…’twas finished,
A tiny pipe…just my size;
And, when I sucked air through it,
I could hardly believe my eyes!

So, the two of us just sat,
On that front porch…all day;
Grampa was puffing away…so was I,
It was so much fun…when we found things to play!

It’s funny…as we grow older,
Only happy memories have any value;
Not the ‘things’ we have collected,
But, the ‘time’ that was spent on you!

Collect those happy memories,
Hide them away…in your heart;
Don’t wait until tomorrow,
Today…is the day to start!


(I do not promote smoking. However, 65 years ago –
when these stories took place, the health hazard
was not known.)


March 26, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love