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If people were flowers,
I’d pick you;
Wouldn’t it be wonderful,
If that’s what we’d all do?

Some might like pink roses,
Others…maybe lilies;
Then, there’s a mixed bouquet,
All so many colors…very pretty!

What kind of a bouquet,
Would be the kind you’d pick;
All the same kind,
Or…perhaps a large ‘mix’?

Okay, so we’re not talking ‘flowers’,
‘People’ is what I really mean;
Do we pick people just like us,
Opposite…or somewhere in-between?

Me…well, I’m a ‘variety’ person,
Although…I didn’t used to be;
I used to pick and choose,
But…always people just like me!

I found that rather boring,
A dozen…little ‘me’;
So then, I ventured-out,
Other ‘flowers’…I wanted to see!

I went to the local ‘green house’,
And, there they were…all in array;
Each lined-up…according to their kind,
“Boring”…again…I’d say!

And then…I happ’d upon a meadow,
Oh! Such a splash of color;
After I’d seen the vast variety,
I could settle for none other.

Now, I wander in the ‘field’,
Picking all sorts of flowers;
Such a beautiful bouquet…I bring home,
Dare to go out there and…PICK A BOUQUET!


June 29, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love