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All their dates were so special,
My…they had so much fun;
To ask for another date…he wasn’t shy,
He would hip…hop…maybe even run!

Laura was happy to see him,
And, she noticed a twinkle in his eyes;
If her guess was correct,
Petey just might have a big surprise!

“I want to take you to a special spot,”
Petey said to beautiful Laura;
Perhaps her hunch was right…after all,
Something seemed so very familiar.

So, off they flew…together,
Their wings almost touching…tip to tip:
They were a couple in love…for sure,
It was a beautiful day…a beautiful trip.

“Over here…over here…come this way,
See that bench…just over there?”
So, they landed…rather softly,
That happy…smiling pair!

“Look at the view…spectacular!”
Was all that Laura could say;
“Thank you for bringing me here,
It’s beautiful…in a very special way.”

“Well”…stammered Petey…gulping!
“I’ve brought you…to my ‘special’ place;
And, it’s for a ‘special’ reason,
I need to see you…face-to-face.”

“I’ve an important question to ask you,
For you are always on my mind;
I love you…yes, I do,
The same with you…I’m hoping to find.”

“Oh, Petey, it’s the same with me,
Seems like I’ve known you all my life;
If you’re too shy to ask me,
Yes, I will be your wife!”

Phew!…Petey was glad that was over,
He was afraid Laura would say, “No”;
Now, he was sitting on top of the world,
And, no higher could he go!

Now, a touch…beak to beak,
A bit of wing flapping…too;
That sealed their agreement,
As…off into the sunset they flew!

In a round-about…sort of way;
Now, would come all the planning,
For their very ‘special’ wedding day!


November 11, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love



"My Snaps!" - Aimee's picture of "Petey" and Laura - before he ~popped the question~ sort of!