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In our lifetime…there are many choices,
Basically: to RESIGN or ACCEPT;
One has no value at all,
The other…has great worth.

We can RESIGN…just give up,
To ruffle feathers…we will not;
But, after all is said and done,
Just what have we got?

Someone else has their own way,
For them…Oh, yes…they’re happy;
Probably had their own way all their lives,
They have never know what it’s like to be unhappy.

“And, what of us?”…you say,
We’re in the background…we sit in the dark;
Somehow, it doesn’t seem quite fair,
Color me “dull”…with never a “spark”!

Except for the fact…that we have choice,
Yes, in every given situation;
Our circumstances may not change,
But, our response…that’s for us to reckon.

The secret is to ACCEPT,
Submit and ACCEPT a Higher plan;
We sit in the dark no longer,
We stand equal with every woman and man.

It takes a humble person,
To accept what life has to offer;
We’re not alone…we can stand up to all of it,
To RESIGN…No, not ever!

And, while we’re learning to ACCEPT,
Let’s remember how important our attitude;
True ACCEPT comes from the heart,
A heart that’s overflowing with gratitude.

What will it be: RESIGN or ACCEPT?


October 29, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love

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