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What did you do when it was raining,
Raining so hard…like it would never stop?
Did you stay in the house and be bored,
Or…did you go to the Mall and shop?

Well, way back…when I was a young girl,
There weren’t any Malls…you see;
We had to think of things to do,
And, that was a whole lot of fun…to me!

Of course my Mom and my Gramma,
They had a whole lot to teach me;
Yes, they had all sorts of ideas…for fun,
And, fun we had…I’ll guarantee!

Sometimes we’d put on our raincoats,
And, out…into the storm we would go;
All sorts of ‘fun things’ were happening…out there,
Things that a sunny day…just wouldn’t show.

Why…there were puddles full of worms,
They had tried to make it to higher ground;
But, try as they might…they couldn’t do it,
In the puddles…they swam round and round.

Most birds would stay in their warm, dry nests,
Still…there were some who ventured outside;
Crows…for one…enjoyed the rain,
But, from people…they liked to hide!

Oh, we’d run down the slippery lawns,
And, we'd splash…in the puddles, besides the road;
Mom and Gramma were such good sports,
All these ‘fun things’…to me…they showed!

You’d think that ‘older people’ were ‘sensible’,
And, that they had put away childish things;
Perhaps they had…one day…long ago,
But, with me…their ‘child’ was reviving!

I’m all grown-up now…and have children of my own,
And, sometimes I get too busy;
Then, I remember those happy times,
The ‘child’ in me…says, “Phooey”!

“Phooey” to all of the sensible things,
“Phooey” to dry, dull routine;
Let’s go outside…do something ‘foolish’,
And, I let the ‘child’ intervene!

Don’t allow the dull and mundane,
To spoil all the fun…in your life;
Go out…have that RAINY DAY ADVENTURE,
Forget about all the worry and strife!


November 13, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love