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Thinking back…way back,
Just as far as ‘back’ can go;
My memory takes me by the hand,
To things I used to know.

Yesterday seems more vivid…somehow,
Than what happened today;
Sometimes I like to go there,
And, keep things just that way.

Our imagination grew…through books,
It ran ahead…almost out of control;
Each one of us saw something different,
As we read them…unrolling…much as a scroll.

Then, came the radio…such an invention,
It opened-up a whole, new world;
Yes, continents were brought closer,
Knowledge had begun to unfurl.

Tennessee Jed and Tom Mix,
They galloped by…each night;
To a youngest…they brought such delight?

Then, along came Gene Autry,
Followed by Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger;
How so much could come out of a box,
It was hard for a youngster to figure.

Who will ever forget,
Those Saturday Matinees?
The movies…even in black and white,
In our lives…an important part…they played.

Oh, a telephone in our houses,
Now, the world came very close;
Relatives we’d never seen,
And, friends…we’d talk with them the most.

Just about that time…something else,
Far beyond our wildest dream;
Television…Yes, that’s right,
Television came on the scene!

Perhaps our imagination suffered,
Somewhere…along the line;
Everything was right before our eyes,
Maybe our imaginations did decline.

But, somebody was still day-dreaming,
There were many more things left to invent;
New frontiers to be explored,
And, upon this…they were bent!

Yes, the pace of life has speeded-up,
And, I don’t think it will slow-down;
Even the sky…is no longer the limit,


November 10, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love

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