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Rose Moves Away
And, An Operation

Our daughter Rose had turned 17; she had always kept in touch with friends all across the continent, and now felt to become part of the "family" at Hoonah, Alaska. She spoke to some of the elders about it, asked for words to confirm (if it really was the Lord speaking to her); they came back a very definite "yes" - so, she was off. It was hard watching her go, but still I was thankful that she was serious with the Lord and wanted to be led by Him in what she did.

Rose had taught herself to play the guitar (actually all our children played "by ear"), and the Lord had given her many songs...really beautiful songs. She sang out of the dealings He took her through; so, in her new surroundings, she would be receiving many more beautiful songs. She put some of them on a cassette tape for us - I had the tape for many years; eventually gave it to my Mom, and after she passed on, my sister Irene got the tape and it has really been used to turn her back to the Lord (she was saved when she was 12). This is getting waaaaay ahead of myself!

One of the women had a small tumor in her abdomen...she felt the Lord was going to heal her of it. She had prayers many times; it was not detected when she immigrated into Canada. It continued to grow...still she believed God would heal her. It got so that she was having a hard time getting around, also a hard time sleeping at night; it had grown so large that it was pushing against her ribs. She was very busy on the farm, but it eventually got so bad that she couldn't even eat. The elders always encouraged everyone when they felt to stand in faith, believing God for different, they didn't know quite what to do, in this case.

Eventually, they had to tell her to have it operated on...she was in such bad shape that she had to be flown out by an Otter plane (government). The very next day, she received a letter from one of the travelling ministries; she had written to him because he knew of the situation and had stood with her in believing God - he said to stand strong. Well, she had just gone to have it operated on. It really bothered her for a long time, after, not knowing for sure if she missed God or not.

At the hospital, they took pictures of the tumor; it was all encased, like a sausage; and it weighed over 9 pounds - it was almost like a baby...made medical history in Fort St. John. All of us were learning how to hear the voice of God; sometimes He said "Yes", sometimes "No", sometimes He didn't say either, and sometimes we just plain-and-simply "missed" it; we also had to learn that we were still learning and a lot of times we just had to ask forgiveness, put what we did under His shed blood, and go on...

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Picture of part of the Graham River Farm.