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It’s been said…so very many years ago,
By somebody of great fame;
That life has much in store for us,
If not…we’ve only ourselves to blame.

Oh, we start out with so many plans,
We’re so brave…almost unsinkable;
Then, life throws us a curve,
Things happen to us that are almost unthinkable.

We wonder why things happen to us,
So many things that we didn’t plan;
We meant well…we did well or so we thought,
We faced ‘life’…we never ran.

Didn’t we know…from the beginning,
That we had a whole lot to learn?
If not…we were soon to discover the truth,
That all of life is a lesson.

We might learn a whole lot from books,
And, teachers…Yes, there were many;
But there’s nothing quite like experience,
And, the outcome can be uncanny.

Not to worry though…because it’s true,
That we learn from our mistakes;
Others may tell us…still, we need to try,
And, sometimes suffer many heartbreaks.

We learn best by trial and error,
But, what’s a lesson…without a test?
The lessons…they can be very painful,
But, ‘SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS’ is still the best!

Do we get all “A” marks…in this school,
This ‘SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS’…that we attend?
I’d like to think so…but, it’s not true,
And, on that statement…you can depend!


November 20, 2005

Aimee Love

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Pen Name: Aimee Love

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