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Mrs. “Petey” decided it was time,
For her to leave the nest;
She needed to look about her,
Since the ‘triplets"…she’d not had a rest!

She told “Petey” of her intentions,
Then, off toward the Mall…she flew;
She had been tied-down…so long,
With her three lively brood!

Oh, they were snug in the nest,
And, “Petey” would keep them warm;
He’d keep an eye on his off-spring,
Be sure that they came to no harm.

Mrs. “Petey”’s take-off was swift,
Straight up…into the air she went;
She ‘circled’…gave a ‘wave’ with her wing,
Then, off…towards the Mall she went.

She needed ‘ideas’…people ideas,
About what triplets would wear…would do;
Surely, there would be some triplets out there,
Maybe not a lot of triplets…but surely a few!

Oh, now the Mall was far below her,
And, a smooth landing…she did make;
Not a single person saw her,
Certainly, not a cat or dog she’d have to shake!

“Ahh, a day at the Mall!”, she squawked,
“I just need some time away”;
But, after four or five hours,
Mrs. “Petey” wondered just ‘why’ she had stayed!

Children…Yes, there were many,
But, not any triplets in sight;
Crying and whining children…everywhere,
With parents breaking up many a fight!

Why had she thought she’d learn something,
Perhaps, just a little bit?
What a mis-adventure…this had been,
This dreadful…SHOPPING TRIP!

Mrs. “Petey” could hardly wait to fly home,
For…she wanted none of this;
She and Mr. “Petey” would do their best,
A happy home…was her only wish.

It was getting a bit dark…outside,
And, crows don’t do well in the dark;
So, Mrs. “Petey” gave one, big jump,
And, into the sky…she soared!

Sometimes what is at ‘home’,
Is the very best that there is;
Sometimes, we need to get away,
Just to see that it really is!

So, when we go shopping,
Let’s always keep this in mind;
Time away…on a SHOPPING TRIP…yes,
But, the real ‘treasure’ at home…we’ll find!


September 26, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love