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*Petey's Kin*

“Whoa there…hold it just a minute,
Let me ask your name;
I think that I might know you,
For we look so much the same.”

Why…Petey was quite astounded,
For he’d not seen someone like this…before;
Someone who looked so much like him,
It was quite the shock…for sure!

Yes, he had wandered all over,
All over the countryside and more;
Still, such a handsome crow,
He had never seen before.

“What do you want…my friend,
For, I’m not sure that we have met;
You see…I just came into town…recently,
And, your face…I’d not forget.”

Petey was surprised…for this one he surely knew,
Why, it was like looking into a mirror;
So much alike…were they,
Perhaps a long-lost sister or brother.

“Oh, what was your mother’s name,
And, what was that of your father?
Did you have any sisters,
Or…perhaps a few brothers?”

The stranger to this area…was amused,
Of relatives…or kin…he wasn’t sure;
He didn’t know just where he had been born,
For, he was grown-up now-and very mature.

He never stopped to wonder,
If he had any ‘roots’…any kin;
He had been on his own for so long,
The thought…just never entered in.

Well, Petey wasn’t going to let things be,
For he needed to know;
This handsome crow, must have some ‘roots’,
And, Petey’s curiosity continued to grow!

“My Mom’s name…well, she was Millie,
And, she was pretty as could be;
My Dad was called Fred or Freddie,
They were quite a handsome couple…you see!”

The stranger was shocked…was set-back,
These names…he thought he knew;
Somewhere in his distant past…he remembered,
But, these names were had by quite a few.

Petey went on…for he was quite sure,
That there was some family resemblance;
Oh, he had plenty of time…nothing to do,
He could wait a bit…he would have some patience.

Now, it was the stranger’s turn,
“And, what is your name…might I ask?”
To get information out of Petey,
Wasn’t going to be a hard task!

“Why…my name is Petey…or Pete for short,
Of course, my friends all call me Petey;
That’s the best name…don’t you think,
Now, wouldn’t you have to agree?”

“What is your name…I’ve not heard it,
For shy…you don’t have to be;
All the crows around this neighborhood,
Are all laid-back…and friendly, you see.”

The stranger had forgotten his manners,
He had not told Petey his name;
Well, he’d straighten that one out…right now,
Of bad manners…he’d not be blamed.

“I’m sorry…my friend…for poor manners,
My name is Blackie the crow;
But, you can just call me Blackie…please,
For…my friendship…I’d like to show.

Something stirred…inside of Petey,
Some memory…that was buried quite deep;
Way back there…somewhere…he remembered,
A secret the family…tried to keep.

Mom and Dad crow had repeated this story,
For many and many a year;
It was a sad tale…as Petey remembered,
To his parents’ eyes…it brought many a tear.

They told of their first-born…fledgling,
Who had stayed in the nest far too long;
When at last the day finally came,
They had done something…but, were they wrong?

Mom and Dad knew it had to be done,
Still…in their hearts…they weren’t sure;
Out of the nest-they pushed him,
He flapped his wings…then disappeared…forevermore.

Though they hunted around…on the ground below,
And, they flew to each branch…in each tree;
Still, their little fledgling was nowhere in sight,
Oh, where…just where could he be?

Years and years passed…many broods they had raised,
Still, they wondered…in the back of their minds;
Just what had happened to Blackie,
Had someone helped him…had somebody been kind?

“Why, I’m your brother…Yes, I am-Blackie,
I’ve heard stories of you…for many years”;
Now, Petey was the one who rubbed his eyes,
For they overflowed with joyful tears!

They embraced…Yes, they embraced,
In a way that only crows can do;
So happy they were…to have found each other,
So very happy…were those two!

Yes, PETEY’S KIN…had returned,
To the place of his birth;
This called for a large celebration,
A big party…with laughter and mirth.

Petey gathered the family together,
Singing and dancing…did abound;
The little fledgling had returned,
Blackie had at long-last…been found!


January 14, 2005

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love