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Once upon a time,
In a land far away;
There lived a little grand-daughter,
Who lived down near Whalom Bay.

This tiny, little blonde girl,
Was cute as she could be;
She lived with Gramma and Grampa,
And…you know…she was ‘me’!

Each day…she would wander,
'Round Gramma’s flower garden;
Through each season of the year,
The garden would beckon.

Even Winter had something to offer,
There were feed boxes for the birds;
And, they…in return for dinner,
Sang the loveliest songs…you ever heard!

Spring was a new beginning,
As bulbs pushed back the soil;
Ahhh…those were the days,
Yes, for sure…we were spoiled!

Planting time was special,
This little girl learned from the best;
A green-thumb she acquired,
With a love for gardening…she was blessed!

Summer came…the garden flourished,
Flowers everywhere…in grand array;
Bright colors and fragrance on display!

The birds…they were so cheerful,
They twittered, “Look over here”;
“Come see my baby birds”,
They knew that they had nothing to fear.

All the flowers that I had planted,
Needed watering and care;
They grew in great profusion…we picked some,
And, with the neighbors we did share.

Now, Fall was upon us,
Some nights were quite frosty;
The garden began to change,
'Twas expected…it happened yearly.

This was the first Autumn I remembered,
And, at first…I was dismayed;
What happened to the flowers…they were beautiful,
When, all summer…out there I had played?

“Not to be discouraged”…Gramma said to me,
“Come, look over here”;
She lead me to THE SNOWBALL TREE,
Its blossoms had not disappeared.

I reached up to pick one flower,
And, what do you suppose?
A cascade of tiny petals…showered down,
Landing on my head…my shoulders…my nose!

“It’s snowing flowers on me!”,
I squealed…with great delight!
Each season offers variety,
Open your eyes…enjoy the sight!


May 6, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love