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My goodness…it was really snowing,
Yes, it was snowing so very hard;
We headed for the house…while we could still find it,
It was so thick…we couldn’t even see the yard.

This was the largest snowstorm I had ever seen,
It was coming down in swirls;
The wind was howling…and so was I,
It was frightening…for a little girl!

We watched the blizzard from the back window,
Safe and snug…in our little house;
We wondered if it would ever stop,
Nobody spoke…we were quiet as a mouse.

The wind howled…as we slept that night,
And, the snow…blew into high drifts;
Grampa and Gramma didn’t seem to mind it,
I guess…they were used to this.

Well, the next morning…I awoke early,
I ran to the window…to look and see;
If the blizzard was at last…over,
What I beheld…was so new to me!

The entire back yard was transformed,
Into something so very strange;
High drifts of snow…were everywhere,
And, something else was…just out of my eyes range.

I couldn’t quite make it out,
It was very tall…and very white;
It didn’t move…like a person…exactly,
It was hard to see…in the sunlight…so bright!

“Let’s go outside and take a look”, Gramma said to me,
“And, I think we’ll need these, too”;
She handed me a hat, and a scarf,
What to do with them…I hadn’t a clue.

After getting all bundled up…and on with my boots,
Off, through the deep snow…we trod;
I still couldn’t figure out this tall ‘thing’,
As closer we got…it just looked more odd!

“What is it?” I asked Gramma,
She replied…with a hardy laugh;
“It’s a snowman…I made it just for you,
Let’s do something with that hat and scarf.”

“You can tie on his scarf,
Let me put the hat high on his head;
I was busy making him,
While you were still in your bed.”

Now, I got excited…this all looked like such fun,
“Could we make another one, please?”
Gramma was very willing to show me,
And, she did it…with such ease.

This snowman was much smaller,
For I couldn’t reach too high;
“Let’s make another and another”, I said,
“Let’s make one as tall as the sky!”

It didn’t really matter…just how many we made,
The first one was my favorite…somehow;
The very best of them all!


November 12, 2005

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love