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Did you ever wish that you could fly,
And, like a bird take wing?
Then hop upon…just hop upon,
That marvelous thing called THE SWING!

Up in the air…you shall go,
And then, back to earth again;
Worldly cares are left behind,
Once you board that marvelous thing.

Get a good grip upon those ropes,
In both hands…held secure;
Then, a running start…off you go,
Climbing higher and higher…up there.

You pull with your hands,
Pump with your feet;
Nothing to hold you down,
Air-borne you are…what a treat!

Up…up and away you go,
As things below appear smaller and smaller;
For it’s that thing…that marvelous thing,
That makes you feel so much taller.

THE SWING comes in all sizes and shapes,
Like one trying to out-do the other;
But…Oh, the delight…when you take flight,
Set free…you’ll be…like no other.

Climbing higher and higher,
Life has no cares;
Left behind…they all shall be,
Climb aboard THE SWING…if you dare!

Up there…a brand-new perspective,
So much comes into view;
Earth-bound…no longer are we,
Up there…up there…beyond the blue.

Higher and higher…we’re going,
Oh, please make this happy time last;
Don’t ever let it end,
Up there…life is truly a blast!

Why do we have to come down,
To the dull and the mundane?
Why can’t we stay way up there,
And, forever remain the same?

Who says we must…why all the fuss,
When, like a bird…we could be?
THE SWING affords us the opportunity,
The opportunity to be set free!

So, when you come down and make your way home,
A changed person…you can be;
Remember THE SWING…that marvelous thing,
And, above all else…remain free!


August 21, 2003

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love