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This And That

We did not have any birthday parties when the children were small, because there were so many small children in our house and I was always pregnant and not feeling very good, plus the added expense. We decided to begin with the birthday parties when they reached age 13 (teen years).

We had a birthday party for Rose out in our backyard. We set up the "Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey" game, blew up balloons, bought a cake, baked more goodies, and we got out the "Twister" game. Rose invited friends from school, neighborhood kids and some of her cousins. I invited some of the adult relatives. The day was sunny and it was a good time for everyone.

Joey had his birthday party the following year. Again, the party was outdoors, it was sunny and everybody had a good time. We have colored slides of both the birthdays.

I think that Mike had his birthday party the following year. I'm not entirely sure, but think some of the colored slides that we have, are from his birthday party.

Joey found a gold watch, it was a really good one. We told him to bring it to the Police Station to see if anyone had reported one missing - they didn't, but he still had to leave it there for one year. If nobody claimed it in that amount of time, it was his. Well, the year didn't go by very fast...then Joey found out it was now his. He wore the watch everywhere.

When we eventually went to live in the wilderness of Canada, Joe thought it was too good a watch for Joey to wear around the farm, as it would get wrecked or lost, so he gave Joey a Timex watch in exchange for it. (I don't think Joey agreed with his reasoning and there were hard feelings about it.)

During my first parent/teacher meeting, Mrs. Wheeler, Rose's teacher took me aside and asked if Rose had any special reason for taking off her shoes and socks; apparently she did it all the time in school. (Maybe it was because she wore corrective shoes and they were uncomfortable). She also said that she would only believe half of what Rose said about her home-life, if we would believe only half of what Rose said happened in school...that left a lot to the imagination!

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Rose "pinning the tail on the donkey":
her birthday party in our back yard.