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Are you married to a woman,
Is that a strange question to pose?
Yes, so many of you are,
Well, just remain ‘open’…never closed.

A woman is a unique person,
Now, that is a ‘kind’ word;
We’re up and down…and all around,
Like something you’ve never heard!

To live happily…with a woman,
‘Sensitivity’ you shall have to learn;
For a man…it’s not very easy,
It’s something you must work at…earn.

TEST THE WATERS!…that’s my advice,
For, we fluctuate…you see;
Test them regularly…Yes, often,
If ‘happy’…you want to be.

Don’t open your mouth before,
Before you know just what to say;
Think it over…carefully,
Oh, Yes…that’s the best way!

Many a man has erred,
By speaking…before they think;
Such a mess…they’ve found themselves in,
Yes, I recommend that…you double-think.

TEST THE WATERS!…Yes, you must,
To see if she is happy or sad;
When you become tuned-in with them,
It makes the difference between misery and glad!

This can be very beneficial,
For, when two are in one accord;
Life can be very pleasant,
And, it has its own reward!

Mark my words…mark them carefully,
For I know of what I speak;
If not…your future could be very bleak!


December 19, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love

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