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False teeth may not be an option,
And, laser surgery for our eyes;
Repair work goes on…continually,

Our memory…or lack thereof,
Is highly over-rated;
The past becomes so vivid now,
Definitely not what I had anticipated.

But hey…it’s a great time,
To write your autobiography;
The past is crystal-clear,
That part of our memory…others envy!

Just what we did today…unclear,
It’s foggy…at best;
We know that we did get up,
And, there was a nap…for a short rest.

Just why we went into the kitchen,
Anybody could have a guess;
We go there…okay,
Just “why?”…causes the stress!

And, each simple, little task,
Why does it now…take us all day?
Goodness, we start out with high hopes,
But, it doesn’t turn out that way!

Time just flies by…now,
And, I think that I know why;
It’s because we move about so slowly,
Even that is said…with a ‘sigh’!

We spend half the day just dressing,
The other half…in reverse;
No wonder there’s so little time,
If these are the ‘good times’…then, what are the worse?!

We’ve just got to love them;
For really, what choice do we have,
We can be in denial…or accept them.

Let’s make these years our very best,
Give them all we’ve got;
This legacy we leave to others,
Hey…it’s all a part of the ‘plot’!


October 29, 2004

Aimee Love

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