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(Not the rhyming kind.)

I like to spend my time,
Way out…in the deep woods;
I guess it’s because I’m searching,
Always searching…for a treasure.

Now, it’s not a chest of gold,
Neither…of rare jewels;
This treasure is hid-away,
It's something only the woods can reveal.

I like to get to know her,
By ‘her’…I mean the woods;
Call her Mother Nature…if you’d like,
Call her anything you would!

When you spend a lot of time,
Walking and talking with her;
She’ll begin to share her secrets,
That’s what her treasure is.

Have you ever seen such riches,
As all she has to offer?
I never have…in all my days,
Nothing like the days I’ve spent with her.

One day…it will be a flower,
That I’ve not seen before;
Perhaps a bush of ‘mountain laurel’,
Or maybe a pink ‘lady slipper’.

Constantly revealing more and more of her,
I stand in awe…of all the treasure splendor;
The buds…in early Spring,
The ‘peep’ of baby birds!

The croak…croaking of frogs,
Upon their lily pads;
The tiny ‘Spring peepers’,
As they break into the stillness of the night.

What of the dew that sparkles,
Upon a newly woven spider web;
As the first rays of morning sunlight,
Appear over the mountain peaks?

Are there any richer treasures,
In this entire world;
Than the freshness of early morning air,
Especially…after a night time shower?

New plant life virtually springing,
Springing ever upward;
As it pushes its way past…soil and rocks,
And, makes its way through hard clay!

Aww…Mother Nature…in all her glory,
Nothing can compare…to her;
Come along…I’ll introduce you to her,
And, her treasures she will share.



June 30, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love