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It wasn’t very long after moving,
That Mr. “Petey” got a surprise;
Mrs. “Petey” came to him…with a big smile,
What she said…popped-out his eyes!

While they were moving…she’d not said a word,
A word of this great news:
Mr. “Petey” had enough cares,
To remain silent…she did choose.

They needed to build a larger nest,
For, parents again…they would be;
This time…not just the one fledgling,
This time…there would be three!

In crow families…three are most unusual,
And, certainly a whole lot of care;
Yes, a lot of things to do,
A whole lot of things to prepare!

Mr. “Petey” had mixed emotions,
Oh, he was happy…of course;
It was a lot of responsibility,
And, just what would be their source?

He guessed it would mean many trips,
Yes, may trips into town;
A good thing they lived pretty close,
Restaurants…there was plenty of food around.

But, just ‘why’ had she surprised him,
What was the need for that?
He had noticed…for awhile…her appearance,
But, he thought Mrs. “Petey” was just getting fat!

Mrs. “Petey” didn’t want to give him,
More to think about…on moving day;
So, she waited until they were settled,
And, then she had her say.

Anyhow, everything worked out fine,
Both of them were as happy as could be;
What a rarity…for all to see!


September 26, 2005

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love