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Do you remember a day without TV,
Way back…before they were made?
Of course you don’t…how could you?
You’re far too young…I’m afraid!

Radio…was all that we had,
That and our imagination;
Oh, but they were good times,
And that…without question.

But, the age of technology had begun,
And, things were mass-produced;
New thoughts…brought new inventions,
A long line of new products were soon introduced.

Television…became a new word,
Spoken by everybody;
Granted…nobody had seen one…yet,
Because, at first…they were too costly.

But, young children…being resourceful,
Soon discovered…just what to do;
We found a store with a TV in the window,
And, rain or shine…we went there to view.

Each evening at 5 o’clock,
Our favorite ‘show’ came on;
And, we stood out front to watch it,
Yes…TV had been born!

I remember the ‘show’…and well,
“The Last Of The Mohicans"…was the show;
All in black and white TV…in those days,
Then…our imaginations really had to grow!

Of course, it was many years later,
When we bought OUR FIRST TV set;
So, we stood in the rain for a long time,
But, we were happy…as happy as it gets!

And, when OUR FIRST TV came into our house,
Why…for a long time…nothing got done;
We watched it day and night,
‘Couch potatoes’…we’d become…but it was fun!

Funny…the things that we remember,
As we look back…across the years;
Some things stick out more than others,
OUR FIRST TV…a memory that all of us held dear!


July 4, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love



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