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Invitations had been sent out,
And, replies were coming in;
It would be the nicest WEDDING DAY,
On a ‘high-note’…their life would begin!

So much to do…so much planning,
Still, not all that ‘human’ rush;
No, their wedding would be easy,
Without a whole lot of fuss.

Relatives and friends…aplenty,
They would bring food and gifts;
Old Jeff…would provide the music,
And, the ladies…decorations they would fix.

A beautiful…sunny day greeted them,
All the very best for this couple;
Everything went off as planned,
And, there wasn’t a bit of trouble.

Old Jeff drummed away on an old log;
Yes, the festivities began the day,
Then, their wedding vows were heard.

Kind of backward…from ‘humans’,
That’s okay…for these are crows;
We can learn a lot from each other,
And, learning makes us grow!

Now, the big moment had arrived,
Petey and Laura stood straight and tall;
Their vows were softly spoken to each other,
Now, a gentle nuzzle…that was all!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful,
Wouldn’t it be just grand;
If we ‘humans’ could learn from crows,
And, have a WEDDING DAY…as they had planned?!


November 11, 2005

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love