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Don’t give up…whatever you do,
And…don’t give in;
Give it all you’ve got,
That’s how you win!

Sure…there are times,
And, we all have them;
But, life is good,
It need not be grim!

Try your very best,
And, keep on trying;
That’s what WINNERS do,
It’s the truth…and I’m not kidding!

If you fall down,
Get right back up;
Face your fears,
Face them…close-up!

And, every time that you succeed,
Your confidence will grow;
A WINNER…you shall become,
This is the truth…you know!

So, don’t sit back…do nothing,
It’s onward and upward…you go;
Aim for the top…the very top,
And, shoot…straight as an arrow!

The target you shall hit,
And, a bully’s eye to boot;
Another WINNER…yes, it’s you,
So draw back that bow…and shoot!


January 1, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love