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Does grey hair give us wisdom,
Or does it come some other way?
Do we get WISDOM from life’s experiences,
The things we go through every day?

Does grey hair come from worry,
Or…just because we’re getting old?
I think they come from something other,
Than the things that we’ve been told.

Maybe it’s a combination,
Maybe…all of the ‘above’;
Just think of all we’re learning,
To make choices…trust…Yes, and to love.

Wow!…that was quite the mouthful,
Surely it’s not all learned in one day;
I don’t know if a lifetime is long enough,
But, it gives us “greys”…plenty to say!

But, who’s about to listen,
When ‘youth’…think they know it all?
Real maturity is truly on it’s way,
When we see we’re not ‘big’…but very small!

If it takes many grey hairs to get there,
Then…let it come to pass;
For there is nothing quite like WISDOM,
When we’ve attained it…at last!

We can sit back…and just relax,
All the striving…put to an end;
No longer a ‘power-struggle’ between us,
WISDOM shows us that…my friend!

If we truly have WISDOM,
We can smile…when the youngsters speak;
For we know that they will learn…in time,
WISDOM doesn’t come in just a week.

Learn your lessons well…as you go through life,
Everything offers you that chance;
Go for the ‘gold’…get WISDOM,
WISDOM is a handy tool to have!


December 31, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love

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