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Are you just a little kid,
Yet…you carry a heavy load;
One that’s far too big for you,
And, you’re living on overload?

Sometimes adults say too much,
Or…perhaps children over-hear;
Maybe it’s the vibes they pick-up,
All these things…produce fear.

They’re thrust into an adult world,
When they are still a child;
Seldom is it intentional,
Yet, their little minds run wild.

They carry a burden…with them,
That not even an adult can bear;
They don’t know what to do with it,
Or…perhaps they’re not even aware that it’s there.

Still…it will affect their lives,
And, perhaps forevermore;
Well, I have an idea,
That may help them close that door!

Now, I’m referring to children,
And, how they can’t carry an adults cares;
Neither should they be expected to,
Actually…is it really fair?

Children should learn slowing,
As they're getting older;
But, too much shouldn’t be placed on them,
Not too much for them to shoulder.

In the meantime…just let them,
Be children…for awhile;
Let them…slowly learn how to face problems,
Don’t dump on them…a great big pile!

WORRIES…who needs them?
They do us no good;
Most of them can’t be changed,
And, who says that a child should?

If they feel that they must carry this heavy load,
I’ve thought of this wonderful device;
It’s guaranteed to help them,
If they'll take this advice.

Get a large cloth bag,
And, in the bottom…cut it away;
Cut…very large holes,
When WORRIES are put inside…they cannot stay!

Just let them dribble out,
Only one at the time;
And, let them just be washed away,
Like any other kind of slime!

For…who needs WORRIES?
Nobody that I know;
Especially a little child,
Just let them all go!


July 5, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love